पेरियोडॉन्टिक्स और प्रोस्थोडॉन्टिक्स खुला एक्सेस


Dental Management of Non-Syndromic Supernumerary Teeth near the Angle of Mandible

Badria Al Matrafi, Saud Al Saif, Mohammad Al Sughyer, Majeed Al Jadeed

Supernumerary teeth are the teeth present in addition to the normal set of teeth. They may be single, multiple, unilateral or bilateral erupted or unerupted and in one or both jaws. Multiple supernumerary teeth are rare in individuals with no other associated diseases or syndromes. Our case presents with supernumerary teeth in permanent dentition, and its unilateral in right lower jaw, patient have no sinus or pain, so the treatment follows up.

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