पेरियोडॉन्टिक्स और प्रोस्थोडॉन्टिक्स खुला एक्सेस


Exploration of Two Toothbrush Technologies for More Predictable Plaque Control

Maxim Babiner DMD

A tooth brush is a critical tool for mechanical plaque removal. Plaque is one of the etiological factors responsible for the development of dental caries and periodontal disease. Even though this information is well documented and understood, the literature points out that most patients still suffer from preventable dental disease largely due to inadequate home care. As a result, consistent development and modification of toothbrushes to improve cleaning efficacy continues. One of particular interest is three-sided brushing where bristles are configured to clean buccal, occlusal and lingual surfaces simultaneously. Another modification is adding a battery-powered motor to the bristle component such as sonic vibration. This literature review aims to collate the evidence on three sided and sonic brushing to evaluate if the combination of these two technologies offer patients an alternative and possibly more effective method to predictably remove plaque.

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