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Hope for persons afflicted with severe mental illnesses

Wilfried Ver Eecke

Persons with severe mental illnesses can be classified as persons with very serious disabilities.  Some persons afflicted by schizophrenia totally withdraw from interaction with other persons. They live in a world of their own.  They live in a world of delusions. Thus, Judge Schreber’s wife had had five to six miscarriages.  Judge Schreber deeply wanted to have children, even though he realized that his wife could not. His unfortunate solution was to imagine that he was becoming a woman in order to marry God, in order to create a new mankind, where he would be the Patron Saint (Schreber 1903, 114-5, 124, 282, 293). In his delusion, Judge Schreber over-satisfied his unfulfilled deepest wish of his life: having children.



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