पेरियोडॉन्टिक्स और प्रोस्थोडॉन्टिक्स खुला एक्सेस


Management of Permanent Immature Necrotic Tooth with Biodentine: A Case Report

Achabi Najoua*, Chhoul H, Hessissen H

Traumatic injuries in children are a frequent problem with the upper central incisor as the most affected tooth. Endodontic management of the immature permanent tooth with incomplete root formation and necrotic pulp is a challenge in endodontics. Apexification procedure is an endodontic treatment option for management of immature permanent tooth with open apex.

The case report describes the successful apexification treatment of a 9 years old girl patient with immature maxillary central incisor and crown discoloration, with the use of Biodentine as an apical barrier matrix. Dental history of discontinued endodontic treatment 1 year back was remarked. A 12 months follow up using standardized digital radiographs revealed restored aesthetics and function, absence of clinical signs.

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