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Mental well-being among Health Care Workers in Najran city

Hanan Jaber Hasan Alfifi

Background: Mental wellbeing of healthcare workers directly affects their work productivity and their ability to fully serve their patients.

Aim: Assessment of the mental well-being among health care workers and its related risk factors.

Methods: Cross-sectional design conducted at Najran university hospital, King Khaled hospital, Najran general hospital-Albalad, and Najran general hospital-Alshorfah in Najran city, Kingdom Saudi Arabia. The study participants include 517 health care workers. Using one tool consists of three parts; Socio-demographic data, work-related information, the short-form-36 healthy survey.

Results: The mean age of the participants was 33.56±8.14 years. The Mean SD score of studied subjects regarding the total Short Form Health Survey scale was 91.82±29.6. There was a highly significant positive effect from age, educational level, economic status, and experience on the total SF36 scale at (p = < 0.01). Also, there was a significant statistical positive effect from marital status and health problems on the total SF36 scale at (p = < 0.05).

Conclusion: This study indicated that less than half of the studied subjects had neutral health.  Also, about one-quarter of them had positive health. While slightly more than a quarter of them had negative health.

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