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One Step Successor towards Drug Delivery System: Microsponge

Rishika Chauahan

Today we can develop a lot of techniques for treating several illnesses by using different kind of method, by different dosage form; day by day there are new developments in the field of drug delivery system. Now a day’s one of the growing fields in the pharmaceutical area is the preparation of microsponge. Micro sponge gaining popularity due to is less side effect and less expensive and several other advantages over the comparison of the other drug delivery system. Microsponge is now being used as a recent novel technology for control releasing system and as well as target specific medication delivery system fewer side effects and many more reasons for the researchers attracted towards the microsponge drug delivery system. In this article the main focused of our study on method of preparation, classification on the basis of dosage form techniques, compare study of the other category and uses of the microsponge in other field. Microsponge technology provides entrapment of excipients, improving adability, it reducing side effects, reactions, increasing elegance and enhancing formulation flexibility. In cosmetics world skin care, sunscreens and prescribed products were being used currently. The best features of this technique are it has a self-sterilizing activity.

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