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Perinatality and Childbirth as a Factor of Decompensation of Mental Illness: The Case of Depressive States in Newly Delivered Cameroonian Women: Short article

Georges Pius Kamsu Moyo

Decompensation in psychiatry alludes to the cycle by which a formerly steady quiet or inclined individual may out of nowhere show side effects or experience compounding of an infection. This is provoked by factors which might be physiological, obsessive, endogenous or exogenous, being liable for mystic disequilibrium. Perinatality is portrayed by various chemical variety and stress, which may comprise a danger for mental lopsided characteristics. The blue eyes is a bright and transient burdensome condition of the post pregnancy, which may happen as a fringe, flagging clairvoyant decompensation. This examination intends to research the wonder in ladies inclined to mental issues, having showed the blue eyes during prompt post pregnancy. For a situation control study directed in 2015 of every two showing emergency clinics of Yaoundé, Cameroon more than four months, the Kennerley and Gath blues screening allowed to isolate the gathering of "cases" from that of "controls". After different investigations, ladies with mental and mental danger factors including: previous history of gloom (OR=6.8; p<0.001), previous history of post pregnancy blues (OR=2.3; p=0.002), previous history of other mental ailments (OR=10.21; p<0.01), family background of sorrow (OR=3.58; p<0.001), family background of other mental ailments (OR=4.39; p<0.001), ebb and flow constant infections (OR=2.33, p-value<0.001), disorder or confusion during pregnancy (OR=2.53, p-value<0.0211) were more defenseless to show the blue eyes during quick post pregnancy. In this manner, ladies with mental inclinations, stand a danger of decompensation during the perinatal period including mental issues of post pregnancy. Preventive measures like guiding, sharp observing and treatment change may assist with forestalling this wonder.

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