एक्टा साइकोपैथोलॉजिका खुला एक्सेस


Psychopathological identification of roles in induced delusional: Research article

Dagmar Breznoscakova

The article presents a case report of a family whose members became ill with induced delusional disorder (folie a famille). The bio psychosocial basis of induced psychosis and psychopathological aspects of patient identification are discussed. The authors hypothesized that paranoid psychosis in the described case developed depending on the interaction between the inducer with the primary endogenous paranoid psychopathological symptomatology and the two induced emotionally bound individuals. One of the induced individuals simultaneously suffered from personality disorder and the other from primary organic brain dysfunction. This is a case of induced psychosis, a type of folio a impose that developed within the family. The inducer was a daughter; her mother and grandmother were secondarily induced by the disease, while the grandmother’s role was the role of a catalyst.

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