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Review of Ph.D Studies in Humanities: Updating New Horizons in Education

Anne Kristiina Kurjenoja* and Ileana Azor Hernández

The context of information society, technological development and new societal challenges demands new frameworks for critical analysis of the knowledge production as well as for the geopolitical democratization of their distribution. In our article “Cultural processes, social change and new horizons in education,” published in Procedia. Social and Behavioral Sciences, 174, we presented the educational development work done in the Doctorate in Creation and Culture Studies of the Universidad de las Américas Puebla (UDLAP), Mexico, in order to face the contemporary demands for understanding and studying processes of knowledge construction, transmission and diffusion beyond the academic standards of use and epistemologies of text. This focus has been especially important for the program, as it is based on the collaboration on the transdisciplinary basis between Arts and Humanities and Social Sciences, having some extensions to ITC engineering and Natural Sciences through its research projects and creative practices. This text is a review of the above-mentioned article but also an updating of that program presentation due to the recent curriculum renovation and with it, integration of new research foci.

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