बचपन के मोटापे का जर्नल खुला एक्सेस


The Moving to Action Symposium Series: Engaging the Paradox of Childhood Obesity and Hunger

Hallion ME, Matthews TL

Attendees of Convergence of Childhood Obesity and Hunger: Moving to Action oneday symposium at Cabrini University in 2017 included employees from hospitals, higher education, and community organizations. The student attendees were from a variety of majors including biology, business, exercise science, and psychology. The agenda included keynote speakers, participant activities, networking, and an economical and nutritional based menu. A 10-item survey was sent to 118 participants after the event. Follow-up interviews were also executed. Forty-three people completed the survey (response rate of 36.4%). Respondents were highly satisfied with the information shared and the organization of the event. They reported an increase in awareness of trends in childhood obesity and hunger, clarity of strategies to combat the problems and ability to identify community partners.