खाद्य, पोषण और जनसंख्या स्वास्थ्य जर्नल खुला एक्सेस


The Effect of the COVID-19 Quarantine on Body Weight, Eating Habits and Overall Physical Health of Children and Adolescents

Mahdiyeh Goodarzvand Chegini*

Objective: The ongoing COVID-19 crisis has affected many people worldwide with restrictions in their daily lives. This pandemic has also affected eating behaviors and eating habits. The quarantine for the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting children, adolescents and lifestyle patterns globally. This study aims to investigate the effect of the COVID-19 quarantine on body weight, eating habits and overall physical health of children and adolescents.

Conclusion: Inactivity or lack of regular physical activity is the fourth most common risk factor for mortality worldwide, accounting for 6% of the world’s mortality. The level of inactivity is rising in many countries, especially in high-income countries, which has major health implications for public health worldwide. The COVID-19 quarantine period showed increased smartphone use, less physical activity, uncontrolled food intake and weight gain. Physical activity is one of the main prerequisites for growth and health and the basis of a healthy and happy life, which plays a significant role in creating mental peace and possibly developing positive habits and attitudes in life. Scientific evidence shows that refraining from physical activity and exercise and not having a proper dietary culture causes the caloric balance of the body to be disturbed, resulting in losing the desired weight.